Project Information: Outdoor spaces

Northcote House 01

The urban produce garden at our Northcote house is set up to produce fruit and vegetables all year round.

Ceres Eco House

A photo from the archives. The Ceres Eco House which we renovated in 2009. We also added a new airlock that opened onto this existing carport with its integrated solar panels and electric car charging facility. It’s great that Ceres Environment Park exists to educate about sustainable living. 

Brunswick House 02 

This Corten Steel box is a locked storage space for a Cargo Bike

Brunswick House 02:  

The living space in this inner city house opens up onto a beautiful garden full of urban produce. The garden is watered via a 6500 litre underground rainwater tank that is hidden beneath the garden. 

Brunswick House 02:  

This south facing central courtyard was designed to be a shaded and cool outdoor space within this inner city house. It also acts as secondary entry from the side boundary bike storage area. 

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