A view down the driveway to an architectural low energy home in Torquay
A relaxed north facing living area with outlook onto an inviting swimming pool

At Baker Drofenik Architects, our experienced team directly engages with our clients to create custom homes sensitive to our clients' brief and desires, to site and aspect as well as climate. While engaging on a number of levels with our clients, we bring our extensive experience and passion for design to create architectural homes that transform our clients’ lives

About Us...

With over four decades of combined experience, we are architects who care deeply about our craft. Whether it’s a reinterpretation & retrofit of an existing home, a large extension to transform a home, construction of a small home or creation of a lifestyle property, we are committed to a holistic design process, providing  unique buildings with a climate responsive focus, tailored to our clients needs.

What areas do we service?

Our studio works from Melbourne, The Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula. We work throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Do buildings responding to climate cost more?

We believe that there are simple strategies that use nature and can be easily implemented to make buildings more livable. We have many years of knowledge regarding climate responsive design and are happy to advise clients regarding strategies that will suit their build.

How are buildings responding to climate different?

Buildings that respond to climate feel different. They will allow the occupants to engage with nature in a way that can enhance everyday life.  When planned well they will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and ultimately will use less energy and therefore will have a reduced carbon footprint, and be cheaper to run.

What are your rates?

Architectural services are generally based on a percentage of a building's budget. We are happy to discuss fee options suitable for alternative building sizes and budgets.

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