Surf Coast House: This new 7.8 star rated energy efficient family home on the Surf Coast is built on four acres for a young active family. The home stretches out across a re-vegetated native landscape to capture north sun and long views across an existing pool to a creek beyond. Entry to the house is along a meandering driveway between mature trees. This new home is oriented east to west, maximizing access to northern light and orienting the main living areas to look across outdoor entertaining areas including a pool with a covered outdoor living area and a large north lawn. A central southern courtyard opens the house up to a garden and bike track creating views through the center of the house allowing the site to be read as a whole.  The house is zoned with the parents enjoying a western retreat. The children take over the eastern end of the property including a long art and craft space onto which all the bedrooms open. Indoor outdoor living is at the heart of this house and the expansive windows allow the owners to live within the landscape whilst being protected within their own cocoon. The house is a sanctuary for this family. 

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