New High Efficiency House in Montmorency: This gorgeous treed site was not only the home of our clients but home to a pair of owls who lived high in the gum trees in this outer suburb of Melbourne. Retention of the trees was not only a client given; the site has a council significant landscape overlay. This overlay greatly restricted the site area that was buildable. Therefore, to accommodate a young family’s needs a two-storey house was the best option. The two-storey form also allowed for the opportunity for a very high efficiency building to be designed. Building wall on wall with high levels of insulation allowed us to achieve an 7.2-star energy rating. This high energy rating coupled with all electric high efficiency services and a pv cell array, allows this home to run on very little power from the grid. Very low energy or off grid houses are operating without carbon emissions. This modern efficient house has been designed with a sustainable future vision.

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